5 Legal Documents Every Adult Needs

By: Attorney Paul Bernstein
The Bernstein Law Group, PC

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  • The top five legal documents every adult over age 18 needs.  
  • How to make sure your wishes are honored if you get sick, become incapacitated, or pass away.
  • Tools that will help ensure the money you leave behind for your kids is not lost or squandered if something happens to you.
  • How a proper estate plan can help shield your nest egg (and your family’s inheritance) from the reach of the government, the courts, lawyers, nursing homes, or long-term care costs.  
  • How to minimize the chance of conflict, misunderstandings, or having your plan contested when dealing with sensitive blended family issues. 
  • The most important things to know when choosing a law firm to assist you with your estate plan (buyer beware!).

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