How We Work

Who We Work With

At the Bernstein Law Group, PC, we work with people who have families and care about them.

Although each of our clients is unique, below is a sampling of the situations we frequently help clients with:


  • “Nest egg” protection planning;

  • Nursing home/Long term care cost planning;

  • Planning for the protection of young children should something happen to the parents;

  • Incapacity planning should an illness or accident occur;

  • Tax minimization;

  • Planning for Parents with Special Needs Children;

  • Retirement plan beneficiary protection and maximization;

  • Keeping inheritances in the family;

  • Transition planning, including changes due to the death of a spouse or divorce;

  • Planning for business owners to protect and maximize the value of the business;

  • Rental real estate ownership protection;

  • Protecting assets from lawsuits;

  • Keeping assets in the family while minimizing costs and delay, and maximizing privacy; and

  • Charitable planning.

Please feel free to call us at (978) 825-0033 to arrange for an initial consultation where you will learn what hazards may impact you and your family and discover the possible solutions that will give you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones deserve.