Imagine a trust that adds a layer of protection helping shield an inheritance from divorces, lawsuits, bankruptcies, nursing homes, and estate taxes? At the Bernstein Law Group, PC we have created such a trust – called the Personal Inheritance Trust℠.

Who can benefit from a Personal Inheritance Trust℠?

First of all – You!

If you anticipate receiving an inheritance from a family member, then you could have a Personal Inheritance Trust℠ created to receive the inheritance. By having the inheritance not go to you outright, but be redirected into your own Personal Inheritance Trust℠, you will maintain control over the inheritance, but obtain the protections and tax benefits that would otherwise be lost.

Second – Your loved ones!

Instead of leaving your family their inheritance outright, you can create a Personal Inheritance Trust℠ for each of your family members so that upon your passing, the inheritance they receive from you will have the protection a Personal Inheritance Trust℠ affords.

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